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Analytics and Algorithms

Methods to transform raw data and insights into exceptional products and systems 

Application of Analytics To Your Business 

Analytics and algorithms help businesses personalise the experience for customers
Analyitics allow businesses to understand risks, prepare and prevent them timely through statistical models and strategies
Collecting and analysing customer data to personalise and streamline products and services to best serve their preferences 
Achieve operational efficiency through data analytics, predictions about delays and errors are spotted and corrected

Steps Of An Analytical Process


Ability to turn raw, unstructured data into useful, enriched information for decision making


Input information into analytics and visualise the results for appropriate data interpretation 


With careful precision, adding meaning to results and insights to convert them into actionable plans

Application Of Algorithms For Your Business

Algorithms have been at the heart of some of the most successful corporate empires
Customer Interaction
Algorithms make business processes clear and more unique – also ensuring that you’re providing the right solutions for individual customers based on the preferences and experiences they want
Real-Time Accuracy
Reacting to sudden change of pattern and trend in data timely is vital for fast-paced companies. Algorithms play a vital role in fast data provision for example road maps and navigation systems
Cost Reduction
Algorithms will measure when inventory levels are low, evaluate suppliers on various qualities, rank them, and then place an order from the preferred supplier 

Our Expertise in Analytics and Algorithms 


Ability to recognise trends and patterns and improvise business processes


Create algorithms to predict and prevent problems from arising before they do


Algorithms will enable you to understand customer trends and improve content you provide 


Analytics and Algorithms put together allows us to curate the best CRM solutions for your business
Algorithms have given birth to some of the largest corporate empires such as Google, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Volvo and more. Why should you stay behind?
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Through our data analysis, your business can get a clearer view of what you are doing efficiently and inefficiently within your company. When a problem is identified, our professionals with an analytics background are capable of answering crucial questions such as:

  • What was the cause of the problem? (Reports)
  • Why did it happen? (Diagnosis)
  • What will happen in the future? (Predictions)
  • What is the best way forward? (Recommendations)

Our leader knows it all! Danny practiced over 20 years of tech development managing millions in IT equipment and development. He has developed multi-national scalable software across Southeast Asia, while managing tech teams around the region.

He has built IT software in the areas of big-data analytics and machine learning for intelligence businesses and startups. He has also built scalable SaaS and business workflow solutions. His team has also built (and highly customised) logistics software, on-demand software, e-commerce software, and booking software for Startups that need stable and reliable development.

Algorithms are not always sensitive to context. A customer’s response to a product or service is impacted on how well they slept the night before or their current mood. Until devices are created that can paint an entire picture, the use of an algorithm may backfire for an organization that is trying to provide a better customer experience.

Another problem with algorithms is the human element that is often difficult to account for. The procurement of supplies is not always as straightforward as evaluating a supplier and ordering. Sometimes deals that are not optimal financially are optimal for strategic alliances. Also, unless computers can find a way to negotiate with suppliers, it may not be able to achieve the lowest rate that would have been possible otherwise

Our team and our expert will be keeping you and your business up to date with your development progress with support.

Computer algorithms work via input and output. They take the input and apply each step of the algorithm to that information to generate an output. For example, a search engine is an algorithm that takes a search query as an input and searches its database for items relevant to the words in the query. It then outputs the results. 

Automation software is made up of many algorithms all working to automate your processes. For example, one of your automated tasks requires your automation software to take all billing information received by email and put it into a spreadsheet. To do this, you set up a series of rules and conditions for the program to follow — an algorithm.