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Create applications for mobile devices and their operating systems

What A Mobile Application Can Do For Your Startup

App development is computer software used to create applications for mobile devices and their operating systems
Ease of Communication. It has eased communication for B2C channels as well, spread awareness of product launches, geo-targeting promotion, the mobile app can work wonders
User Interaction. Each loyal customer who has your mobile application, it automatically becomes a platform for advertising your online store on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to engage and interact
Increased SEO Potential. A mobile app will support your website, your in-app content and your website content as synonymous words will be used in the content for products and services. Google ranks your in-app content too for better SEO results

Mobile Application Impact on Sales

Benefits of mobile apps are not only restricted to the customer, but they extend to the business as well
Data Extracted from Forbes
Customers tend to spend 3 to 4 times longer in mobile apps than desktops

Mobile apps have the lowest shopping cart abandonment rate: apps – 20%, desktops – 68%, mobile sites – 97%

The average order value on mobile apps is 140% higher than on mobile sites and 130% higher than on desktops.

Customers spend twice as much money on mobile apps than on desktops or mobile sites

Our Expertise in Mobile Application Development

Given the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, mobile application development is vital for all businesses


Android, commercially sponsored by Google, is an open-source operating system used for smartphones and tablet computers. Ever since it was unveiled in 2017, it has evolved and has multiple application programming interfaces (API) based on your type of device


Apple has designed iOS to work specifically on their own Apple devices such as the iPhone and the iPad. The source system is closed, and no one but Apple may use it privately
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Why Choose Our Experts

The liberty to create custom and scalable applications at your fingertips


We are able to build your applications to your customer needs and requirements


Creating custom layouts for customer use shows that you value their needs as well as streamline your processes


One of a kind! Our developers will aid you to build a never-seen-before layout

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Our tech expert, Danny Lee has more than 15 years of experience in tech development and digital solutions. He has developed multi-national scalable software across Southeast Asia, while managing tech teams around the region.

He has built IT software in the areas of big-data analytics and machine learning for intelligence businesses and startups. He has also built scalable SaaS and business workflow solutions.

His team has also built (and highly customised) logistics software, on-demand software, e-commerce software, and booking software for Startups that need stable and reliable development.

Yes. After your first or second consultation with our expert, we will be able to draw up a quotation or a ballpark figure at the total cost of the project. The cost and projections are entirely dependant on your needs and the span of the project.

Do note that ballpark estimates are educated guesses based on our experience, so please remember that the actual final cost may go up or down as we take the time to explore your requirements in more detail. The more information you can provide us with about what you need, the more accurate our ballpark estimate is likely to be.

iOS and Android developers skill set is somehow what similar but the process of app creation and software usage differs. Our company uses both to create solutions for you.

Here are four skills our experts have as a mobile developer for iOS and Android platforms:

Analytical Skills. Mobile app developers have to understand user needs in order to create applications they want to use. The ability to be able to analyze the way people use their mobile devices is critical for a successful mobile developer. They must also be able to differentiate between the demographic and the needs of an iOS user versus and Android user.

Programming Languages. Knowledge of programming languages is necessary for a mobile developer. Apple iOS developers generally use Objective-C, and Android developers typically use Java. This set of skills also includes creating secure platforms for customers to use, trying to eliminate the risk of scams and fraud as much as possible through the use of encryption and firewalls.

Problem Solving. As a mobile developer, a big part of the job is to troubleshoot issues with applications on Android or iOS platforms. This may include constantly updating and upgrading the application to get rid of bugs. You will have to be able to recognise various technical problems and understand how to resolve them.

Creativity. As a mobile developer, you have to write codes to create applications that are user-friendly. Developers think creatively about how users incorporate their mobile devices into their lives and then build applications that help them complete various tasks.

Accompanying the skills needed for a mobile app builder aside, there is also certain software(s) that aid a mobile app developer to do his/her job in app creation.

Coding. For iOS developer, Xcode is the Mac app you use to create apps. It has a code editor, project organizer, compiler and debugger. Secondly, Swift is the powerful programming language that you use to code iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS apps which contains powerful features for iOS mobile app development.

Building UI’s. Every application needs a User Interface (UI). UIs are made up of buttons, views, navigation, labels, images, controls, etcetera. It’s important that you know how to build UIs and design them.

App Architecture. Being able to write clear and maintainable code is as important as writing code that works. It’s a challenging topic, and it takes time to learn what solution is appropriate for what scenarios.

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