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Producing useful programs, creating digital solutions to problems and provide business intelligence

Applications of Software Development

Technology has emerged as a crucial component of our daily lives and has provided us with immense convenience and speed
Monetary Benefits. Often using a ready made software will have license fee renewal, building your custom will allow you to execute processes your way and reach solutions efficiently 
Add your own features. As your business grows, have the autonomy to customise and add features to your softwares, personalise your experience based on your needs
Choose Security and Privacy. Have your own tailor-made software solutions, specialised security codes and encryption. These technologies make your product safe and sound

Your Own Custom Business Software

In Our Experience

Businesses face issues when they try to align existing softwares with their business processes. Existing softwares are challenging and difficult to integrate with your processes. Identifying when it’s best for your company to invest in custom software design and development can save you a lot of time and money in the long run
Features tailored to suit your business
You own the product, you create the features
Differentiation and competitive edge in the market
Custom enhanced security and privacy
Extensive support from technical team of creators

Our Expertise In Software Development

Our expertise lies, but is not limited to these programming languages for your 
software development requirements

Architecture Design and Solution Thinking

Technologies and softwares to fully equip your business to stand out 


Patterns and techniques are used to design and build an application. Application architecture gives you a roadmap to follow when building an application, resulting in  a well-structured app.

Our software designers and patterns can help you to build a custom software and application for your business. Our programmers use the latest programming languages and tools to create the best possible results for you


We think outside the box for you! Our objective is to create innovative, custom solutions for well-defined problems within your business.

Our design and solution thinking methods will help you and your business to achieve its objective better and efficiently. Through our understanding and creation of software solutions that seamlessly solve your problems, you'll be able to digitalise your processes and emerge as a leader in your industry 
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Companies today are seeking to build strong relations with their customers and doing everything they can to receive ongoing feedback from them, while design thinking with its user-centered approach helps businesses to achieve their objectives.

Product developers, whether it is a construction sector, automotive or software development industry, focus first and foremost on people and their needs and elaborate solutions to effectively meet those needs.

Design thinking is all about iterative prototyping when you test each idea and see whether it is a solution that will address the your business problem. Our expert will provide your business access to the best software developers to meet your business needs. 

Our leader, Danny practiced over 15 years of tech development managing millions in IT equipment and development. He has developed multi-national scalable software across Southeast Asia, while managing tech teams around the region.

He has built IT software in the areas of big-data analytics and machine learning for intelligence businesses and startups. He has also built scalable SaaS and business workflow solutions.

His team has also built (and highly customised) logistics software, on-demand software, e-commerce software, and booking software for Startups that need stable and reliable development.

Theres three types of ways you can effectively use your software developing skills:

You can work for big tech software companies such as Oracle, MicroTech, Microsoft to name a few. Companies dig beyond qualifications and academic degrees; they focus on things you have done outside your degree and search for interpersonal skills that include engineering, technology, operational analysis, critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, customer service, time management, people’s management, and most importantly your passion towards your work.

You can work as a freelancer. which provides you with an open choice to work with your preferred medium and technology. It offers great work and time flexibility, but you will always need to keep an eye on the current market and development trends while using your business.

You can join businesses. You can either join a startup or create a business of your own. It prepares you with excellent skills as a developer to work in a new, exciting and fast-paced startup environment.

According to statistics by Stackoverflow, the majority of the software developers when looking for job opportunities prioritize the salary offered. Because of the tiring, complex and tedious nature of the job itself, software developers prefer to get paid more for their time and skill.

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A brief insight from someone working from an IT Solutions company, Neoteric Software House.

1. Check their Experience. An obvious one – check their portfolio, see what were their previous works (what industries they have worked with, client focus) and how did they perform (reviews and testimonials!).

2. Research their Technical Skills. Notice and understand why and what technologies your IT company of preference is using and ask for some code samples. Are they having any open-source projects in their portfolio? Check if it meets your expectations.

3. Make sure that they understand your business needs. It’s important that they understand what is your aim and what is the purpose of making this software in the first place. Basing on what you tell them, they should be able to help you set KPIs and to measure it at certain stages of product development.

4. Make sure what does the price actually include. Consultations, research, UX prototypes/mockups, design, development, quality works, project management, infrastructure and implementation in the production environment, communication and customer service, guarantee, licenses and the copyright laws. Different companies prepare the estimates in a different way. It’s important to make sure what does the price cover and if the package being offered fulfils your objectives.